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Track retail execution and causal factors to your brand’s performance.

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Native connects global organizations that have questions with locals able to collect data used to answer them.

Build a Survey

Task Local Collectors

Monitor Delivery

Analyze Results

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Time to Break the Panel

Your sales are more than a small panel. With Native, so is your data.

Unrestrained Global Reach

Flex to any store, any market, any country, in any language.

Unburden Your Sales Teams

Independent & third-party visibility on causal factors at your fingertips.

Know Your SKUs Are Available and Fresh

Monitor availability and product aging down to the store level.

Validate Merchandising Execution

Monitor execution compliance and identify opportunity gaps across stores in any region.

Track Prices and Promos with a Click

Know the exact price point at which retailers are selling your product and assess promotions to accelerate growth.

See How Your Brand Presents in Store

Audit your signage on-premise for any provided list of establishments or retail stores in any region.

With unrestrained reach and independent collectors at your fingertips, you can achieve in-store visibility in any country, any market, any language.

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